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Komissar Kabaret

The latest cutting edge established Kabaret Kompany, working with students both national and international, indigenous youth, young professionals and established Melbourne performers, musicians and writers - Incubating @ Broken Mirror offers a “hands-on” experience through a “head-on” encounter with acting, writing, singing, stage-designing to transform your story into a 3D cabaret experience.

Ella Filar

Melbourne’s “Queen of Cabaret” (Inpress), is an independent writer, director and composer. A daughter of an ex-priest father turned gynaecologist and JEPP (Jewish/ Polish Princess) mother turned Communist, Ella is a Gaultier of performing arts. Her highly original, inimitable style characterised by a rich combination of the ordinary and the fantastic is a joyful yet terrifying challenge.

Gabriel D'Alessandri

is a queer Melbourne born writer and performer; a long time insomniac and recovering victim of delusion, he straddles the fine line between semi collected cabaret performer and psychopathic restaurant manager. Having spent the past three years watched through Krows’ Eyes of “Melbourne Queen Of Cabaret” he is waiting for an offer he can’t refuse to spread his wings in “The Real World” free from his home in cabaret hell.

“Come on down, best part of town–
Come from afar? There’s the African Bar
Two dollar shops, hair styles like mops
The dealers are there and so are the cops
Tis’ Smith St, the “With-It” street,
The Off Beat Organic Shit Street
You can eat paella and tapas your feet
And Ole, Ole, down Johnston Street
On Brunswick St. you can smell the Kulture
So hang around if you’re a Kulture Valture
Gertrude was crude - the old stables, the tram cables,
Rob Roy - True Blue Boy - Now it’s the Clothes Labels !
Thai Thai, Vinh Vinh, Tran Tran, Tho,Tho
Built for Queen Vic and the Brides On The Go
Victoria St. - now so hip - On route 86 - It’s worth a trip!!!!